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name Marcus Fritzsch a.k.a. Fritschy
birthday 23rd of August
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  • [ext]Fefes blog - conspiracies and stuff, mostly German though
  • [ext]Project Euler - mathematical puzzles to solve analytically or programmatically - fun and winsome for teh brain
  • [ext]Anandtech - finest technical articles
  • [ext] forums - hard-core ray tracing, realtime, offline and more
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I am interested in nearly everything that has to do something with programming, computing, security, networking and LINUX! Well, this is not an exhaustive list but gives a good overview ;)
In the late summer of 2000 I started using linux and began using computers, the right way. That is: not waiting for the windows to open again, not praying for an hour of fast work and not abusing the reset switch all the day! Hell, my first computer was an Intel Pentium MMX at 166MHz with Win95b preinstalled... I did not even know that the world of OpenSource is so beautiful, I did not even know that software can just run! OK, all that changed when I became familiar with Linux.
And... yes, I do have a Windows installation on my system, for the only purpose windows was and is meant for: Gaming!
As I said, I like programming. I started to program in the last months of 2000, and in the summer 2001 I really started to learn c++ with Bjarne Stroustrup's 'The C++ Programming Language' (Yes, that means my first programming language was c++ and c :o)). Right now I program in python, perl, java, c, c++, shell, abap/4 and i386 assembler. My programs aren't big projects; they're tools I need, ideas I have and the like.